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--Goethe Institut, Washington A masterpiece of post-war cinema.

As he progresses from a beer swilling cadet to a ruthless factory owner and finally to a lackey for the Kaiser, Diedrich's ambition for power and prestige comes to fruition.

Luftwaffe (air force) general Harry Harras enjoys the good life as highly respected technician and Berlin ministry/ HQ official. See full summary » Diederich Heßling is scared of everything and everyone.

But as he grows up, he comes to realize that he has to offer his services to the powers-that-be if he wants to wield power himself.

Because of this, the film was at first suppressed and only allowed to be released with a few judicious edits---most of which seem very harmless today but which were fuel for the Cold War at the time.

Much of this analysis is NOT because I am some sort of a genius--the special features on the DVD featured a professor from UMass-Amhearst that analyzed and explained the film--something that you should definitely see. While its history lesson is a bit simplistic, it is well made and quite compelling.

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