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System Shared Information (SSI)CABO VERDE INFO was designed with the original name of SSI CV (Shared Information System Cape Verde) because, following new trends, it aims to give an immediate response and to establish itself as a solid and cross tool for all market players so that Cape Verde's information is relevant, comprehensive, skilled, the most thorough possible, reliable, clear and immediate.a) Pillars of CABO VERDE INFO Technologically, the system is based on two aspects: b) Structure of CABO VERDE INFOThe information platform is built on a database hierarchical and tends to comprehensive, where all the information related to tourism (textual, photographic and geo-referenced) is organized according to a logical thematic distribution, mirroring the reality of Cape Verde: f) Summary In short, CABO VERDE INFO, from the construction point of view, is a database based on the latest technology, dynamic, interactive, connective, responsive, with automatic geo-tagging, focused update, giving credits of author identification, producing statistics and reports on request, providing interfaces to applications and URL links to external information channels, operating in / out.B – THEMATIC DISTRIBUTION (CONTENTS, THEIR ORGANIZATION AND ACCESS)As the breadth and depth structural assumptions of CABO VERDE INFO, some notes will require the attention of all the players in Tourism and Cape Verdean economy, public or private, being generally regarded, as agreed, that the tourism industry is transversal, and concerns so the whole structure of a society, even to those who, by absurd, not known or practiced Tourism.Arlindo Gomes Furtado was born in Figueira das Naus, a village of the municipality of Santa Catarina to Ernesto Robaldo Gomes and his mother Maria Furtado, he was later baptized in August 1851.

In 2015, he was appointed as the first Cape Verdean cardinal by Pope Francis.

The applications like Google Earth and Wikimapia greatly enrich CABO VERDE INFO, providing rigor, wealth and attractiveness to the entire collection of geographically reference-able information.

Note 8 - Bridges for the Diaspora CABO VERDE INFO, working beyond the spatiotemporal limitations, is the ideal way to build bridges of respect and entrepreneurship between the resident country and the country of diaspora, whose enormous potential for the construction of the Cape Verdean nation, inside and outside the national territory is evident.

He was appointed as parish vicar of Nossa Senhora da Graça, from 1978 to 1986, he was rector at the Seminary of São José.

He went to Rome in 1986 and later returned to Cape Verde in 1990 and returned to the city's seminary.

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