Know dating recovering alcoholic

He would tell me he’d be home in a little while and he wouldn’t show up for hours on end.

He would lie about stupid little things just to frustrate me and play games with my head.

I asked why he did that and he said he realized he wanted to pursue a relationship with me.

I, of course was elated, but sad at how she must have felt.

Needless to say, we began dating and it was wonderful.

I was head over heels in love and he claimed he was too.

We became fast friends and had been talking and hanging out almost every day for 2 weeks.

I still decided that we were to remain friends, as I am not the type to enter into a relationship with one who seeks to have an affair.He moved his things back in the next day and everything was great again.Then after a little while, the lying, manipulation and cheating started.I came across this site while searching for an answer to the pain that I am feeling.I was completely shocked to find out that the man I love might be a narcissist.

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I will tell you my story, but please bear with me as it is quite long and very painful for me.

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