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The guitar here plays more aggressive and has more remarkable solo than in the previous songs.

“It felt like we were resurrecting Motor City rock ’n’ roll, but the phrase is actually used in “What would the world be without songs about these films? “Glenn Danzig uses a lot of comic and movie references, Dave Wyndorf from Monster Magnet quotes a lot from Marvel Comics and before. These are movies that have touched me or made me think, and I’ve tried to share them.” We asked Jyrki about some of the films that helped shape .

“Before I wrote it, I had never been to Jerusalem so I travelled there last October because I wanted to really experience the place before recording the song.

After I came back, I finished off the lyrics and I loved the city so much, I went back again in March.

Jyrki's low and deep voice sounds like the voice of darkness itself if it could ever speak.

Sometimes it's kind, sometimes it's tricky and indifferent.

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