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The city girl and the adventure guy, both taking risks & working hard to pursue our dreams. Originally from Poland, she’s been traveling the world for longer than I have.She holds degrees in International Law, Journalism, and Fashion Marketing from multiple universities (including Harvard).Not stuck behind a desk working to make someone else rich. Am I just getting older and feeling a need to slow down? Have I simply become financially independent enough that I’m no longer forced to live in cheap backpacker destinations in order to get by? The important part, is the freedom to choose my location, and the ability to update that choice at any time.

However I now realize that I prefer over fully nomadic living. Location independence simply means you are free to choose where you live, not stuck living somewhere you hate because of a particular job. Maybe after that, we’ll decide to move somewhere else. However after 7 years living as a homeless digital nomad, I personally no longer think it’s sustainable (or healthy) on a long-term basis.

Everything I owned fit into a pair of backpacks — I was completely nomadic. An I started noticing a change after about 5 years into my fully nomadic lifestyle. Many digital nomads hang out in a country or city for a few weeks before moving on to the next.

I lived for months at a time in places like Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Nicaragua, and South Africa.

I missed having a regular group of friends to hang out with. And unless you plan to date fellow digital nomads, relationships are complicated when only one of you can travel freely.

Well, I should say less productive than it could be.

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Sure I managed to build a business while traveling, but it wasn’t easy, and I think I could have grown faster if I worked from a home-base instead of hostels & coffee shops.

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