Dating telling her how you feel

There's this girl at church that I have been developing interest in.

Just recently we have started playing basketball together. Throughout these few months I have gotten to know what kind of person she is.

However she is feeling towards you (or someone else), you really need to let her know how you feel at some point - the sooner the better.

If you don’t let her know, out of fear, embarrassment, shyness, etc., you will be haunted for decades to come.

Should I continue to talk to her on FB (even though she's quite unresponsive) and in person, or should I just tell her I like her?

HE SAID: I have to smile at the innocence of your letter.

No matter the age or experience, we have all gone through (and continue to go through) similar feelings of uncertainty, indecision and doubt when it comes to relationships. I totally understand and embrace how social media has become the common way to communicate these days and texting has supplanted the original (and designed) use of the phone, but the best and really way to get to know someone is to actually talk to them face to face.

This has certainly become a “lost art” of sorts within the latest generations, but shouldn’t be overlooked nor importance underestimated.

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This will be one of those things you go to your deathbed thinking, “I wonder what would have happened if I told that girl way back when how I felt.”SEE ALSO: Should I Listen to My Parents' Dating Advice?

Go ahead and put up the shot, you just may make it!

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The beautiful thing about relationships is their fluidity and unpredictability.

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