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Second, we will increase our support to forces fighting these terrorists on the ground.In June, I deployed several hundred American service members to Iraq to assess how we can best support Iraqi Security Forces.While we have not yet detected specific plotting against our homeland, ISIL leaders have threatened America and our allies.Our intelligence community believes that thousands of foreigners -- including Europeans and some Americans -- have joined them in Syria and Iraq.Our porn games selection is huge, with everything from life-like, realistic virtual 3D Porn Games to more cartoonish Hentai Sex Games drawn in Japanese style anime.As Commander-in-Chief, my highest priority is the security of the American people.Working with the Iraqi government, we will expand our efforts beyond protecting our own people and humanitarian missions, so that we're hitting ISIL targets as Iraqi forces go on offense.Moreover, I have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are.

Instead, we must strengthen the opposition as the best counterweight to extremists like ISIL, while pursuing the political solution necessary to solve Syria's crisis once and for all.But they are needed to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces with training, intelligence and equipment.We will also support Iraq's efforts to stand up National Guard Units to help Sunni communities secure their own freedom from ISIL control.Since then, we have conducted more than 150 successful airstrikes in Iraq.These strikes have protected American personnel and facilities, killed ISIL fighters, destroyed weapons, and given space for Iraqi and Kurdish forces to reclaim key territory. action depended upon Iraqis forming an inclusive government, which they have now done in recent days.

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