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(While the use of Hindu-Arabic numerals is occasionally seen, such dice are less common.) Opposite sides of a die traditionally add up to seven, implying that the 1, 2 and 3 faces share a vertex; these faces may be placed clockwise or counterclockwise about this vertex.

If the 1, 2 and 3 faces run counterclockwise, the die is called "right-handed", and if those faces run clockwise, the die is called "left-handed".

Dice are thrown onto a flat surface either from the hand or from a container designed for this (such as a dice cup).

The face of the die that is uppermost when it comes to rest provides the value of the throw.

The coloring for numbering is achieved by submerging the dice entirely in paint, which is allowed to dry, and then polished via a tumble finishing process similar to rock polishing.

The transition from dice to playing cards occurred in China around the Tang dynasty, and coincides with the technological transition from rolls of manuscripts to block printed books.

In Japan, dice were used to play a popular game called sugoroku. Ban-sugoroku is similar to backgammon and dates back to the Heian period, while e-sugoroku is a racing game.

One typical dice game today is craps, where two dice are thrown at a time and wagers are made on the total value of the two dice.

Dice are frequently used to randomize moves in board games, usually by deciding the distance through which a piece will move along the board; examples of this are backgammon and Monopoly.

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